Company investigations

All evidence (witnesses, videos, pictures) and all information collected counts as full-fledged evidence in court or private treaty.

Investigatore privato Parma

Among the services we deliver you might find:

  • Absentee employees and ‘double agent’ executives checks
  • Unfaithful associates checks
  • Trademarks and patents protection
  • Security and doorman services
  • Services based on trust
  • Environmental clean-ups to detect phone and computer bugs
  • Anti-sabotage investigations
  • Pre-employment background checks and CV checks
  • Industrial counter-espionage (to prevent any information, data and documents leak)
  • Article surveillance (shortfalls in the inventory) and customer reception
  • Location of goods and assets
  • Investigations on new suppliers, executives and employees
  • Counselling and assessment on alarm and/or CCTV systems
  • Investigations on anonymous letters and threats
  • Chemical, DNA, fingerprints and graphological reports
  • Prevention and protection against stalking and mobbing
  • Witnesses research and enforcement, research on injuries and accidents