Cybercrime is increasingly sophisticated and the related threats involve practically any productive and personal activity. Examples are the daily reports of interference, hacker attacks and security breaches that affect businesses and individuals alike.

Unfortunately, our antivirus systems cannot always fully protect us as malicious activities are not detected as threats but rather seen as normal routine operations, for example simple installation activities.

In fact, installing spy software (installed by an unfaithful employee, a spouse or other people) for example is not detected as a potential danger because the system detects it as a normal technical operation as well as clicking on a WhatsApp message or on a link to an email.

Our Cybersecurity division, made up of highly specialized personnel and in possession of the most stringent criteria of security and reliability, provides digital investigation services dedicated to businesses and individuals, guaranteeing maximum commitment in achieving the objectives.


Our technical team, with proven decades of experience and with a deep knowledge of the risks related to IT security, offers services aimed at helping businesses and individuals:

  • in ascertaining critical threats and also documenting them for legal recourse;
  • in blocking and removing the negative effects of illegal activities;
  • in mitigating the often disastrous effects for the corporate and personal image;
  • in identifying suitable defense solutions against cybercrime, which protect applications, data and processes through proactive defense.

Some areas of possible intervention

Our digital surveys include vast areas of action and we can be of help for example:

  • in analyzing the corporate IT network in search of malware and viruses that compromise information security and / or ascertain that unauthorized access has not occurred on the same network;
  • in carrying out an environmental remediation to find bugs and thus put a stop to leaks that cause losses for billions of Euros to Italian companies (official data);
  • in finding that your electronic devices (PC, Server, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. etc.) are not affected by “malicious” programs;
  • verifying the compromise of your emails and related passwords;
  • in reconstructing device usage data;
  • in recovering deleted data from any storage medium.

This is obviously a partial list of our digital investigations and therefore we invite you to contact the Agency directly to evaluate your needs.

The service is currently also available under urgent circumstances within 4 hours of the call (after completion of the assignment procedures) in the cities and provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, Mantua, Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia.

For other locations and information, contact the Agency without obligation.

ATTENTION: make calls using a secure line!