Private investigations

They intend all those activities of aid to the privacy with the purpose to defend or to make to be worth a right in the judicial center or in private negotiation.

Among the services we deliver you might find:

  • Investigations on marital infidelity (featuring pictures and videos to be used in case of separation)
  • Investigations on hidden assets and black labor
  • Protection of the young (bad companies, drug use and children protection)
  • Investigations on the worthiness of the person in charge of underage children (when dealing with their custody)
  • Investigations on any changes or cancellation of the alimony check
  • Environmental clean-ups (mobile phones, computers and bugs detection)
  • Counselling and assessment on alarm and/or CCTV systems
  • Investigations on anonymous letters and threats
  • Chemical, DNA, fingerprints and graphological reports
  • Pre-marital investigations
  • Services based on trust (escorting your dear ones or anyone needing protection)
  • Prevention and protection against stalking and bullying
  • Witnesses research and enforcement, research on injuries and accidents
  • Location of missing people