Why should you hire a private detective?

A professional private detective is able to solve your problems and all other problems you are not even aware of.

Hiring a professional private detective, regularly in possess of the Authorization of the Prefectural Authority, might be of great help when needing evidence for defending your rights in court. It might also be a means helping you find any leaks in your private life, in your company life and in your safety, in order to make life more difficult for whoever wants to take advantage of you.

All evidence collected, plus the testimony of the private detective in first person (only if regularly authorized by the Prefecture), has substantial influence in court or when negotiating with the counterpart. It is an investment that will make you save a lot of money and ensure a secure and quiet future for your company and your private life.

Before hiring a professional private detective, it might be appropriate to check whether he or she owns a regular authorization issued by the Prefectural Authority. You might then visit his or her office in person or directly contact the Prefecture.

It is definitely not advisable to let friends, parents or strangers asking for very low amounts of money to investigate on your account.

A real professional private detective aims at solving your problems, not at creating you new ones.